A smattering of work

#Hashtag the game

Card Game
Picture of Hashtag the card game on a table.

#Hashtag the game is a collaborative storytelling card game

This game was created during a project to create a game for an aging population. (Gerontoludic Studies) The mechanic is that a player tells a story, and all the other players "tag" the story with the cards in their hands. This has two purposes: It teaches older people how hashtags work and it engages younger people in a history of telling stories.

  • Year: 2015
  • Advisors : Bob DeSchutter & Helen Armstrong

Audi Autonomous Vehicle Vision

Research Project
Picture of the finished Zines on a table.

End product Zine that articulated each of our city visions.

This project spanned a couple months and was done in collaboration with an undergraduate architecture class. The purpose of the project was to envision how the city may change with the advent of the autonomous vehicle. Each of us in the XD studio class performed research and brainstorming and came up with 4 independent visions of what may happen in OTR, Cincinnati. My city was the "City of the Independents" and I explored how the AV may change live art performances.

  • Year: 2015
  • Audi Contact : Klemens Rossnagel
  • Advisors : Helen Armstrong & Diane Fellows
  • Collaborators : Ali Place, Ringo Jones, Kansu Ozden

Lightning Rod

Experience Design Concept
Community hand indicator with user

Lightning Rod: A social indicator for building community

This project tried to capture the dynamics of working in an open-floor plan office while also maintaining privacy to optimize flow and work. This indicator would be used to non-verbally communicate whether you are in the flow or need assistance, thereby removing the potential interruption of your or another's workflow.

  • Year: 2014
  • Collaborators: Ringo Jones
  • Model : Kansu Ozden

Networked Modularity

Modular Electronics Simulation
Modular system with electronics attached

Networked Modularity

This project was an experimental step in observing complex behavior emerging from a simple system. It was built upon a modular system we had already built in a previous project and integrated Teensy boards as the nodes on each piece.

  • Year: 2014
  • Collaborators: Ringo Jones, Kansu Ozden, Ali Place, Paulina Zeng, Sam Swindell, Jacob Tonski

Where Are We?

Interdisciplinary Art
Where Are We?

Where Are We?

Arrows are an overt symbolic representation of movement. Whether you see arrows on the street indicating the direction of travel or the pointer on your computer screen, arrows always indicate coming from somewhere and going to somewhere else. The piece "Where Are We?" accentuates the idea that people always have a direction to their lives, and because of that, it means there are places we've been and places we're going. The three aspects of the piece are : where we could be, where we should be, and where we will go. The audio to go along with these pieces accentuates values of the parts that otherwise may be lost without an extra layer of depth. My hope is to help people to consider where they are, and what they could do instead.

  • Year: 2011
  • Exhibited: Interrogating the Future of Interdisciplinary Practice

Hoot Like A Gorilla!

Interactive Touchscreen Zoo Application
Project 02

Hoot Like A Gorilla!

This is one app out of many that is being used at multiple Zoos around the US as part of the iSaveSpecies grant project. "Hoot Like A Gorilla" is one of the iSaveSpecies applications under the category "investigative play". In this app, users approach a kiosk and select different gorilla calls to listen to. The user then has the opportunity to learn what these calls mean and record their own version of the call to compare.

  • Client: Project Dragonfly / iSaveSpecies Great Ape Institutions
  • Role: Developer
  • Year: 2013

The Blocks of Nubia

Global Game Jam game
Blocks of Nubia

The Blocks of Nubia

This is a game that my wife Alyse and I created for the global game jam in January 2014. We wanted to challenge ourselves and do something beyond our normal skill set. We decided upon making a table-top game. It's still in the infant stages of creation, but we really enjoy playing it.

  • Role: Co-designer, Fabricator
  • Year: 2014
  • Collaborators: Alyse Capaccio

Fetal Pig Dissection

Interactive Education Project for South University
Project 03

Fetal Pig Dissection

This was a project that was used for teaching long distance Biology students how to dissect a Fetal Pig. Because students are unable to travel to a campus in a lot of cases, South University wanted to emulate the experience as much as possible without requiring its entry level Bio students to dissect the pig in person.

  • Client: Advanced Authoring for South University
  • Role: Developer
  • Year: 2011
  • Collaborators: Britt Carr

A man. Some Plan.

My career.

I pursue interesting things. I graduated with a BS in Computer Science from Miami University in 2011. I did some freelance flash development with Advanced Authoring making apps for Higher Education. I then landed a programming job at Project Dragonfly where I worked until August 2015. I took some classes in the Experience Design MFA program at Miami University, while I worked at Dragonfly.

My wife, Alyse, and I collaborate as our design studio Polyrhythm. We designed/built The Humanities Center at Miami University's website and are currently working on refining Hashtag: The Game.

My art.

It began from the days of my youth where I spent countless hours working with Apophysis rendering fractal flames. It moved to more procedurally generated art with Processing and has ended up somewhere where the physical meets the digital. There's the portfolio page if you want to see pretty pictures of projects.

My music.

I'm currently the Singer/Guitarist for the band Analog Bandits.

I can only handle projects once they've been projected. Me, An irrelevant link to google.